2018 Christmas Teen Gift Guide

what to get every teenage girl for christmas gifts

2018 Teen Gift Guide

Teenagers can be SO picky! Luckily, I have so many in my life to tell me what to get them. Check out this list so you can’t go wrong! This post may contain affiliate links make shopping easy breezy.

Polaroid Camera

This item is listed first because it is the ULTIMATE item on every girls wish list. We have the popularity of Instagram to thank for the return of the original Polaroid camera and I am SO HAPPY it happened! This one is on my wish list this year! It’s just so fun to have an instant photo of you and your friends and very trendy to post said photo on Instagram. 

Glitter Blow Up Chair

Perfect for lounging with friends in their room and watching movies! That’s right the 90’s are back! You need this chair as much as your teenage daughter does 😉 This one comes in pink, gold and clear!

A sassy water bottle

When we think about water bottles now as adults we think of them as our workout companion. However, most teenagers are desperate for water in the middle of the day at school so this is the perfect cute way to ensure they stay hydrated and out of the school hallways (we know their tricks!)

after this we're getting pizza girl's water bottle
After This Pizza Water Bottle
gold glittery water bottle
Gold Glitter Water Bottle

The Original Beauty Blender

This cult favorite is here to stay. We still see beauty bloggers swear by these every day and they truly are a necessity to any teenage girl who loves make up and contouring.

LuMee Case for the ultimate selfies

So, the LuMee case is awesome for very obvious reasons. It lights up at the push of a button to illuminate your face for a beautiful selfie. BUT I had one myself and the reason that I loved it so much was because it was like an instant flash light (safety points!!!)

Pop Socket

Much like the LuMee Case, the Pop Socket has a secret safety benefit. We are constantly holding our phones on our pinkies causing hand pain. The Pop Socket let’s you hold the weight of the phone between two fingers to relieve this weight! Also the kids love them and they’re super fun!

Knit Mermaid Blanket

Mermaid anything is totally popular these days and very few items are this fun! You’ll be borrowing this blanket as soon as she’s not looking…

Rose Gold Light Up Mirror

Anything in rose gold is a gen-x dream but this mirror is very helpful in ensuring she gets her make up natural looking and flawless.

KiiPix Smartphone Picture Printer

Similar to the Polaroid, it’s just so fun to have instant print outs of your photos. There are very expensive versions on the market but this one is much cheaper… and cuter.

Fun Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Getting ready for school, hanging out with friends, lounging by the pool (sigh… remember summer?) are so much more fun with music!

Comment what you’re getting your teenager for Christmas this year!

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