What To Get Your Man For Christmas

10 Things Every Guy Would Love for Christmas

Ahh… men… the hardest of them all to shop for.

Don’t worry! Here is the best list of ideas for 2018!

This post contains affiliate links to make shopping very easy for you!

USA Beer Map

Have you heard? Men not only love beer, but now they love trying local beers from all over! They won’t stop talking about it. So, why not give them a way to display all the beers they’ve tried? This’ll make it so easy to brag to their friends.

Poker Set

Imagine the smug look on your man’s face when he rolls up to the next guys night with a bonafide poker set!

Dop Kit/Toiletry Bag 

This will make traveling so much easier because your toiletry bag won’t be stuffed full of his junk! I mean… ooooh leather he’ll love it.

Cabin Socks

These are a really great deal compared to getting them from a sportsmans store! Also, you’ll want to steal them for yourself on a cold night.

Apple Watch 

Guys. Love. Apple Watches. I don’t know what it is! If your man doesn’t have one, I promise he wants one. The best part about an Apple Watch is they no longer have an excuse to not text you back.

Bourbon Decanter

I love the look of this sleek set! A bourbon decanter is so Day’s of Our Lives, but he doesn’t have to know that. This is also great because if you get him a decanter, for the next few holidays all you’ll need to do it pick up a different bourbon!

Wooden Water Bottle

Anyone else feel like men never listen about staying hydrated and healthy? Maybe if we make it look cool they’ll listen? I think so.

Leather Cord Organizer 

These are great for your jet setter! Plus, picture slipping a little note in their for each of his flights 😉

Manly Scented Candle

Hey, men love candles. Some don’t want to admit it, and all of their offices need one. This brand has a few manly sounding names to make it easier for them to admit.

Leather Laptop Bag

I think these are so handsome on a guy! They’re rustic and super convenient at the airport or office.

What am I missing? Whats hints have your guys been dropping for this year?

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